Pressing your Shirts - Budget Dry Cleaners

I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen a man who’s wearing what would be a very dapper get-up….except wrinkly clothes ruin it. I see this especially with young, single professional men who probably don’t have mom or a wife to iron their clothes for them and never learned this basic life skill for themselves.

Details matter when it comes to your appearance and making a good first impression. Wrinkles draw the eye of those you meet and make you look sloppy and out-of-sorts. Having well-pressed clothing shows the world that you’re a man of discipline and order, a man who has his stuff together and understands that the details matter. And a crisp shirt pulls together a beautiful outfit. Throw on a well-ironed shirt, and you get a bit of confident pep in your step; it just feels right.

What is your time worth? If you know what you are doing it takes 10 min to press a shirt at home. Factor in the equipment too, a high-quality iron and ironing board, a good water spray bottle and spray starch.  Just labor alone if you make for example $20 an hour

It cost you $3.33 in your time to do a shirt. At Budget Dry Cleaners we currently charge $2.45.

 We also GUARANTEE your buttons. If we miss a button, we give you an in-house store credit for $5.

So stop wasting time at home and give us a try!

Budget Dry Cleaners
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